Kristi Pinegar and Tyler Weyers interviewed

Tell us about your ministry.

We are called 725 Ministries.

“Though the rain comes in torrents and the flood waters rise and the wind beats against that house, we will still stand firm we are being built on bedrock.” Matthew 7:25

We work with high school age kids who experience a lot of storms in life and often feel they are being tossed around by the choices of either their parents or family members or by choices they themselves have made that have put them in terrible conditions. We are working hard at establishing a solid foundation for these kids to grasp on to in the course of their life so when the storms hit, they can be rooted. We want every kid at 725 to know they are loved, valued and significant, and that God created them for a purpose.

We started this because God put the pieces in place, and we saw a need in Pella for kids who weren’t going to traditional youth groups or even church or if they did, never felt included or part of the group.

Do you have any inspiring/encouraging stories from your work in this ministry?

We have spent many hours loving on and encouraging kids when life was at its worst. Just recently we walked alongside a young man who was looking at facing some prison time. We saw potential in him that we knew jail could not fill. We wanted him to go to Teen Challenge but knew it would need to be his choice, so we built a strong relationship of love and trust with him. We walked a very painful road of drugs with him until he finally trusted us enough to go into the program. He is doing very well now. We also gave a young man a Bible while in jail. When he got out, he started coming to our youth group, got involved with Intervarsity at Central, and went to college. He now has a deep love for God and serving others.

We write letters to a lot of kids in juvy and go visit them as well. We love building relationships and giving kids hope. We have brought many kids shopping for clothes and haircuts and the list goes on. The bottom line is that God is Good!

What are some of the hard and un-glamorous parts of what you are doing?

The hard stuff is watching these kids suffer because of what the drugs they are using has or is doing to them. Knowing the living conditions at their homes is sad and watching these kids trying to keep it together and live life when there is no security, structure or safety at home. Going into some scary unknowing situations to try to keep our kids safe. Ministry is full time not just 1 night a week for a few hours. It is full-time investing in others lives.

What fears or doubts do you have?

We don’t really have a lot of doubts about the ministry. The fears would be watching a kid completely self destruct or losing a life to suicide because they felt there was no other way. It is all in God’s hands though.

How do you deal with discouragement and setbacks?

Prayer and talking with other leaders.

What advice do you have for other people who are trying to advance the kingdom of god?

Go full speed ahead and be prepared to give it your all. Be prepared to be encouraged, discouraged, joyful, and sad. Be prepared for your heart to be broken and be ready for your heart to be so filled and full of God that you will want to share it with the world. Stand firm on a solid foundation. Love God and love each other.

What is your biggest dream in all of this?

Our dream is to see 725 flourish, to see as many kids as possible see their value and worth and to go on living strong productive lives. We want to see them step into their adult lives with a firm foundation to make choices for the good and to love others well.