What is Unite

The Unite team is a group of young adults who have discovered that experiencing God’s incredible love, goodness, and grace is life-altering in such a radical way one’s entire perspective on the world must change. The group has learned through experience that accepting God’s invitation is the most exciting and adventurous life one could possibly imagine.

Born out of deep friendships, the Unite team has been co-dreaming with God and each other of ways to see God’s Kingdom be built here on Earth. Characterized by audacious faith, contagious joy and enthusiasm, and a fierce desire to experience God, the group continually strives to walk in step with the Spirit, and to urge more people to be empowered and used by God.

While events like Unite Midwest have been a first step for this group of young people, the dreams they have for God’s Kingdom go far beyond this event. Clinging to the belief that what can be accomplished with God is unlimited, the group longs to continue to invite more and more people to join them, creating a Kingdom culture that will reverberate throughout the world.

At Unite Midwest, we are pursuing an experience of the living God together as one body. Experiencing God is awe-inspiring and life-changing, especially when it can be done among other believers. As we experience His love together, our hearts can be healed, our identities can become secured, and we are invited into a life of adventure, fullness, and love. God’s Kingdom is for all, regardless of stature, background, or status, and we believe the Spirit will be present and moving as we gather as one body.

We invite you to join us on September 22nd in the form of worship, but in the heart posture of people ready to be empowered and activated to build God’s Kingdom in their respective environments. Des Moines is a rapidly growing area, and we hope for this event to be an infusion of God’s goodness into the city. We hope that people leave refreshed and ready to plug back into wherever God has them, be in a local church, school, or business, filled with a renewed excitement and passion for the Kingdom to come.

The featured artists from Bethel Music are: Josh Baldwin, Kalley Heiligenthal and Kristene DiMarco. Each of the artists has produced many powerful songs, some of which have appeared on Bethel Music’s albums. These leaders invite the audience into a very special space of worship, encouraging intimacy and interaction with our Father. If you are interested in being a part of this life changing experience, we invite you to buy tickets below.